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Ruby-Cell Intensive 4U Bio Cellulose Mask


  • Effective to calm tired skin and moisturize your skin with firmness and lifting
  • Stem Cell Conditioned Media and microorganisms!, Made in Korea
  • More than 200 times the dry weight of water by tightly adhering to the entire skin
  • High-purity bio cellulose produced by AAPE
  • Good for whitening, lifting, anti-wrinkle, and skin growth, 30 ml x 10 sheets

Contains same 4U ampoule formulation at 1% APL so will result in deep moisturizing, lifting, smoothing, brightening effect with added ceramide and cooling agents, perfect for dry days and after a medical facial procedure. It is also used at clinics for 3rd degree burns for faster skin cell regeneration.

Product contains AAPE stem cell conditioned medium extract and other high-performance proteins specially formulated to achieve rapid skin (collagen) regeneration, lifting, wrinkle & pore minimizing, whitening, deep hydration, and other anti-aging effects. Made in South Korea by Aphrozone, No.1 stem cell cosmetics company. KFDA and FDA registered.



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