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ATO-RAK Chamomile Atocare Soap


ATO Hand Made Pure Soap 1% AAPE 100g
For sensitive and all types of skin.

Reservatives-free, Soap Hardeners-free, Surfactants-free, Hypoallergenic, Use these soaps for people who do not feel refreshed due to the feeling of greasy residue on your skin after facial cleansing, not currently satisfied with facial cleansing because you feel rough and tight after facial cleansing, seeking for environmental-friendly facial cleansing products, being worried about skin irritation due to frequent make-up and have sensitive skin. For your tired skins caused by external harmful environment and stress. Please start naturally washing your face twice a day. Clean and mild cleansing keeps your skins clear and moist after washing your face. Mild facial cleansing, Ruby Cell 4U Mud Moisture Pure Soap, Ruby Cell 4U RG3 Pure Soap & Atorak Chamomile Atocare Pure Soap *** Made in Korea