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Ruby-Cell Intensive 4U Cream – 5% Stem Cell Included


  • Whitening and anti-wrinkle functional cosmetic containing Stem Cell.

Product contains AAPE stem cell conditioned medium extract and other high-performance proteins specially formulated to achieve rapid skin (collagen) regeneration, lifting, wrinkle & pore minimizing, whitening, deep hydration, and other anti-aging effects. Made in South Korea by Aphrozone, No.1 stem cell cosmetics company. KFDA and FDA registered.

Ruby Cell received 11 Awards in Brand, Entrepreneurship, and in Cosmetics. New revolutionary technology of extracting stem cell to regenerate our skin. You will see the difference! Highly nutritional cream providing the deep skins with abundant moisture and nutrition and maintaining moisturizing sense. As it enhances the skin barrier and it has moisturizing effects in multiple layers which provide moisturizing ingredients, it can keep the skins moist for a long time without drying. Direction to use: After you open it, you can remove the sticker before use. You can simply turn little from left to right, and the cream will be out through the little hole in the center. This will avoid transferring of bacteria that you might have when you use your finger.