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Calcium carbonate generated from inside the body of mollusks by endocrine hormone actions,pearl extracts known as beads of minerals are contained to be conducive in making a dark, bad skin clean. Magnolia extracts having flower language of nobility and purity, are contained to be conducive in making skin lustier and cleaner.

The proper way to apply Formula 101 is to scrub first with Cleanser 101 or IPC Cleanser 101 to remove all of the natural oils from the surface of your face. After this initial preparation ,apply Formula 101 with fingertips and rub into acne prone areas. The point of the treatment is to irritate and dry the skin, causing peeling down inside the pore and killing the bacteria. Some redness, stinging, irritation and peeling is normal. The skin will adapt to the discomfort and in a few days will disappear.
However, if the face becomes very red, hurts and feels so tight that the client thinks that if they smile it will crack, the treatment is too strong. Discontinue treatment for 2-3 days. The end result is a GENTLE peeling and flaking, noticeable if one looks closely in the mirror. This Product is Fragrant free, color free and paraben free

Ruby Cell Ato Rak Ampoule – 1 Box(18 ampoule)  

  • Skin moisturizing and soothing, hydrating
  • Skin stressed by external factors
  • 5% human stem cell culture
  • Sensitive Care / Oil / Moisture Balance / Nutrition