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The proper way to apply Formula 201 is to scrub first with Cleanser 101 or IPC Cleanser 101 to remove all of the natural oils from the surface of your face.
After this initial preparation , apply Formula 101 with fingertips and rub into acne prone areas. The point of the treatment is to irritate and dry the skin, causing peeling down inside the pore and killing the bacteria.
Some redness, stinging, irritation and peeling is normal. The skin will adapt to the discomfort and in a few days will disappear.
However, if the face becomes very red, hurts and feels so tight that the client thinks that if they smile it will crack, the treatment is too strong.
Discontinue treatment for 2-3 days.
The end result is a GENTLE peeling and flaking, noticeable if one looks closely in the mirror.
This Product is Fragrant free, color free and paraben free

  • Exfoliating Prep You can use as Daily Toner. It leaves skin feeling refreshed and even. Moreover, peel your skin light way it clears clogged pores and minimizes the look of the pore.
  • Recommended for use on all skin types including dry, oily normal and combination skin.
  • Key Ingredients
    • AHA/BHA – Perfect Balance for Exfoliation
    • Fig Extract – Soothing & Moisturizing Skin
    • Centella Asiatica Extract – Soothe & Heal Damaged Skin
    • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice – Calming & Refreshing Skin


  • Anti-aging B.B with total solution concept with skin care functions Made in Korea
  • Multi-Functional Skin Regeneration Effect
  • Improving elasticity, dryness, and roughness
  • Good for sensitive skin with natural skin tone, 50 grams
  • This BB Cream contains as many nutrients as a highly enriched ampoule.

This is a liquid soap and Excellent for oily or acne skins.
Use morning and evening.
Use on whole body and Face.
This Product is Fragrant free, color free and paraben free


Ruby-Cell 4U Serum Ampoule 5% APL
5ml x 18 Ampoules/Box

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Product contains AAPE stem cell conditioned medium extract and other high-performance proteins specially formulated to achieve rapid skin (collagen) regeneration, lifting, wrinkle & pore minimizing, whitening, deep hydration, and other anti-aging effects. Made in South Korea by Aphrozone, No.1 stem cell cosmetics company. KFDA and FDA registered.


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YOU WILL FEEL IT: Even try out for a few days, you will find out the change of your skin!
How can our serum help your skin? It helps reduce wrinkles, refine skin texture, and fade acne scars/discoloration
CERAMIDE Vitamin B3, B5 & E and formulated with vegan hyaluronic acid will make the face brightening again.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS whenever possible for all skin types. It’s Time to Restore and Preserve your Skins Natural Beauty.
PROVIDES YOUTH GLOW A daily-use growth factor serum that helps repair and protect the appearance of youthful skin


CLEAR ALL 3 PROBLEMS – Reduce Wrinkles, Puffiness, and Dark Circles with Total Eye Rescue
3 LAYER HYDRATING SYSTEM – Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin complex+Centella give Younger Looking skin around the eye
NO MORE DARKNESS! – Immediately Fades the Darkness and Gives Brightens tired looking eyes
ENJOY YOUR NEW LOOK – Amazing energies will moisturize the area under your eyes and promote a glowing look
DO MAKEUP AFTER SPECIAL EYE CARE – No more use heavy texture eye cream! Eye Rescue provides Light FEEL & Good Look


SAY GOOD BYE TO CRACKED SKIN TODAY- Sensitive Skin Calming and Whitening/Curing Double Function cream
LOOK, FEEL & BEWELL! If You don’t like the feeling of heavy cream, opt for this lighter cream, which will reduce your fine lines, and at the same time, it will lift and fix sagging skin.
PROTECTION AND STRESS RELIEF by containing MACA extract called ginseng
HELP REDUCE wrinkles,refine skin texture, and fade acne scars/discoloration
DELIVERS intensive recovery, repair to the blemish, sensitive, damaged skin.


USE ONLY PLANT BASED INGREDIENTS on your skin. Plant-based skincare is the purest ways to treat your skin.
CERAMIDE Vitamin B3, B5&E and formulated with vegan hyaluronic acid will make the face-brightening again.
LONG-LASATING HYDRATATION – It delivers up to 24 hours of continuous hydration Your skin’s capacity to retain moisture will be amazingly enhanced using this facial moisturizer
YOUNGER-LOOKING SKIN with only the best face moisturizer that Strengthen Skin’s moisture barrier and locks in essential moisture.
BEST LIGHTWEIGHT MOISTURIZERS in skin care for anti-aging and brightening- dry, oily or combination. Formulated to combat dryness, discover your perfect fit for smooth, hydrated skin.